by Emperor Gum

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released March 18, 2013




Emperor Gum Cheltenham, UK

Classically influenced alternative rock music created in direct spite of pop conventions.

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Track Name: Pygmalion

The first thing you should know
Is I tried to find the perfect girl
But in small noise and nervous smiles
I never found one to interest me

Maybe its just me?
But flesh and blood never fascinated
They say you'll meet someone in time
But I've grown sick while waiting

Its strange, a melancholic thing
To be young and know its not a matter of time
Life is short and I resolved
To search for you in blueprints and designs

I gave you nerves, tiny steel wires
That route up to your fragile core
So you can reach the world at large
And I hope you find more than me

So I built you, a custom piece
A clockwork girl for a mortal man
Tell me, when I turn you on
Will there be a spark inside waiting for me

When I see the thoughts you leave behind in code
I wonder if you know

That I write your every thought
Program your every move
Make you crash when I'm away
I could make you a false synthetic heart
A shallow weight to hold you down
But I'd have you be more than a slave

I made you to adore, but won't force
A reflection in your cold and perfect form
The inherent fault in my design
So live your function and be more than what there was before