by Emperor Gum

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released March 18, 2013




Emperor Gum Cheltenham, UK

Classically influenced alternative rock music created in direct spite of pop conventions.

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Track Name: Paralysed
So you think you messed up?
Why risk it again?
Well, you're stalling

Every time it hurts you crumble
Please let go of this
Trace your life in your lines and scars

So what you messed up
You think you won't again?
Look, the skies not falling

Every small mistake crushes you
Every little flaw shatters you

Play your hand, don't fold
There is not just one play

Don't be afraid
Don't let it jade
Time marches on
Live every choice that you make

You stopped moving forward 'cause you think you stepped left
You think every choice will leave you bereft
Now you won't raise your voice, 'cause you can't be sure
You settled for nothing, but that choice was yours

No regrets, be bold
There is no one true path

Stand by your choice
Lift up your voice
In some other place
There's someone else who said yes