by Emperor Gum

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released November 8, 2013




Emperor Gum Cheltenham, UK

Classically influenced alternative rock music created in direct spite of pop conventions.

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Track Name: Emperor Gum / Edric Haleen - Gray
After the dark of the night time
Before the colours of the day
In the glow of the morning's half-light
When all the worlds a shade of gray

Though the seasons change, the world
Before the sun is lit in gray

Black print stamped onto a white page
The words that you would write in stone
Those rights will run gray in the pouring rain
It doesn't rain on the unjust alone

You can't paint the world as black and white
With your words blurring all the time
I think there's more that lies in between
I won't sign your dotted line

I am sorry, truly sorry
That its not just yes or no
There's nothing here that is so simple
Even though you think I am so dull

No one casts a pitch black shadow
Our basest shade's a gray
I cannot love with all my heart
My passions only gray

So you can think that you are so bold
And you can think I am so cold

But without colour, photographs
Show all people in their grey scale